Woman jailed for failing to surrender Sh27,000 sent to her via MPESA

A woman was on Friday sentenced to a six months jail term or to pay Sh40,000 fine, for failing to surrender Sh27,140 that had been sent to her via M-PESA.

Margaret Njeri was found to have deliberately declined to refund the money she received from one Richard Mbui in Muthatari, Embu West Sub County.

The court heard how Mbui sent her the money reportedly to buy fertilizer with the woman telling him that there was a limited stock.

Mbui was given the phone number of the woman who claimed she had bought excessive fertilizer at the local cereals board depot the previous day.

After he sent the money, Njeri quickly switched off the phone, raising Mbui's suspicion.

He reported the matter at Itabua police station where detectives traced her through the same mobile phone.

Embu Resident Magistrate Julian Ndengeri ruled that evidence tabled had demonstrated that Njeri had actually stolen the money.

She was taken to court on December 13, where she denied the offence but the ruling was deferred to Friday to allow more time for investigations about her background.

From the Sh40,000 fine, Sh27,000 will be handed to Mbui while the rest will be forfeited to the State.