Intensify border security, State told

By Joseph Masha

The Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Administration and National Security has called for strict surveillance at borders to stop illegal weapons and immigrants.

Committee member Peter Kiilu said the Government did not have facilities like speedboats and personnel to carry out patrols along the coastline to contain illegal entry of foreigners and guns.

The Makueni MP said though the Government has imposed a ban on movement of people across the Somali border, much control has not been achieved due to lack of facilities.

Mr Kiilu spoke at Kilifi DC’s boardroom when he led committee members at the weekend.

Committee members who included Nyakach MP Ochieng’ Anyango met heads of departments that fall under their docket.

Kiilu, however, thanked coast residents for assisting the Government by volunteering information on suspected people and ships.

He cited a recent case where a fisherman in Malindi helped police recover firearms dumped in the Indian Ocean. Kilifi DC Kattee Mwanza also told the committee of a case where police and fishermen netted two fishing vessels heading to Mombasa from Somalia.