4 reasons why Pochi La Biashara is a game changer for small business owners

Safaricom offers solutions like Lipa Na M-PESA with Paybill and Till number options which allow customers to easily make payments for goods and services. Many small business owners like food vendors, kiosk owners, boda-boda operators, mitumba sellers, and more do not readily have these payment options.

They instead ask clients to send money to their mobile wallets and add ‘na yakutoa’ which is a withdrawal fee. Others ask clients to withdraw at the nearest agent first because they do not trust that their customers will not reverse the transaction. 

The back and forth has no shortage of inconveniences, both for the businesses and their customers. To subvert this, Pochi La Biashara was launched in 2020, enabling business owners to separate their own M-PESA wallets from their business transactions.

This meant that one M-PESA account could have two separate wallets to facilitate both personal and business transactions.

Here's why every small business owner needs Pochi La Biashara: 

1) No reversals without consent

A big worry for small business owners using personal M-PESA accounts to receive payments is how often people take advantage of that by reversing the funds sent to purchase a service or product.

With Pochi La Biashara, one cannot reverse any funds without consent from the other party involved, shielding business owners from fraudulent customers.

2) Makes bookkeeping easier

Keeping records is essential for any business if it has any plans of thriving. It enables the business owner to make projections and plan for the future of the enterprise, as well as manage expenses.

Business owners using their personal M-PESA account cannot bookkeep as effectively as they are likely to spend money on everyday necessities as soon as they get it.

Pochi La Biashara leaps over this problem by keeping the two accounts separate, enabling a businessperson to manage their income consciously.

3) Saves money

One huge perk of Pochi La Biashara is the fact that Fuliza cannot withdraw money from your business account. This not only draws clearer lines between personal and business finances but also gives one control over when to pay their Fuliza debt. Pochi also offers normal transaction costs.

4) Easy registration process

Unlike Till and Pay bill accounts that require paperwork to get, registering for Pochi La Biashara is an easy process that can be carried out from the comfort of one's house.

All a business owner has to do to register is dial *334# from a Safaricom MPESA registered line, and select Pochi La Biashara to get started. It is also completely free, which saves money.

Customers can use this option by following these simple steps:

a) Dial *334# from your Safaricom M-PESA registered line

b) Select Pochi La Biashara

c) Send to Pochi

d) Enter the merchant’s mobile number and the amount

e) Complete the transaction using your M-PESA PIN

5) Earn extra

In this economy, every shilling counts. Small business owners are always on the lookout for new opportunities, and they can now make an extra coin just by using Pochi La Biashara.

A 5 per cent commission on value sold can be earned by selling Safaricom airtime from the funds collected in the Pochi wallet.

Every business owner needs to diversify their business to cushion them even when the economy gets rocky.

Written by Grace Gikonyo.