Oraimo introduces breakthrough Anifast technology that charge anything faster

The biggest smart accessories brand in the world oraimo has unveiled a new smart-charging technology dubbed AniFast™ that increases the speed of charging and maintains the battery life.

The AniFast™ advanced technology also has the ability to correctly and intelligently identify the charging protocol of each device, and adapt itself not only to ensure the fastest charge possible but also to adjust voltage output for tailored, optimized charging speed.

AniFast™ works with a wide range of smart gadgets ranging from high-current devices to low-charging devices such as smartwatches, electric toothbrushes, electric fans and earbuds.

The smart technology has 7-layer protection, which is a comprehensive safety system for peace of mind.

This breakthrough technology is embedded in several of oraimo’s products such as the 27000mAh Traveller 3 Byte powerbanks, multi-range charger kits (Ultra speed and compact) and USB cables (USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning cables).

These products can charge most smartphones and laptops to full power, within minutes. They are equally able to power every day, low-currency consumer items such as electric toothbrushes, fans and true wireless sound (TWS) accessories.

Easily Smart, Simply Best

The release comes after oraimo also launched a series of other impressive products such as the earbuds (FreePods Pro, FreePods 3 & FreePods 2), earphones, and wireless Bluetooth speakers.

oraimo is also Africa’s leading smart accessories brand that is sold in 50 countries. The brand has an impressive product line ranging from smartwatches, and Bluetooth speakers, to power banks, and seeks to provide its users with the best possible experience.


  • Winner of IF Award 2022
  • Africa’s No.1 Personal Audio (TWS) Brand
  • Africa’s No.1 Wearable Brand

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