School stages ballet performance to celebrate Kenya's heroes ahead of Mashujaa Day fete

Bridge Gatina students delight in 'Shujaa Stories' ballet performance ahead of Mashujaa Day celebrations on Friday.

As the country gears up to celebrate Mashujaa Day on Friday, a group of students have witnessed a spectacular display of Kenya's history and culture through ballet.

The students from Bridge Gatina attended two special screenings of 'Shujaa Stories: A Celebration of Kenya Through Ballet', a performance that honours the stories of Kenya's unsung heroes.

The event was organized by Dance Centre Kenya (DCK), a leading ballet school in the country.

The Braeburn Theatre hosted two remarkable events on October 8 and October 10, respectively, attracting prominent guests and icons, among them Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi and singer Eric Wainaina.

Participants learned about the heroic deeds of both historical and contemporary figures who have shaped the nation, such as Anyango Nyalolwe, Untulo, Wangu Wa Makeri, the Makonde Wangu Wa Makeri, Queen Amanirenas, and many others.

Through the graceful movements of the dancers, the rhythmic sounds of the musicians, and the engaging narration of the storytellers, these heroes' stories came alive on stage.

The event also showcased the creative talents of young Kenyans who participated in the production of 'Shujaa Stories'.

Among them was Watiri Nduba, the assistant director of the show, who shared her vision for inspiring young minds through the art of dance and storytelling. She said, "This is a remarkable opportunity for these students to witness the art of ballet in motion, an experience that can truly inspire. It allows them to envision themselves dancing and achieving incredible heights."

The students expressed their delight and appreciation for the opportunity to attend such a memorable event.

Esther Nyanchama, a Grade 6 student, said, "I was thrilled to be at Braeburn School. Thanks for inviting us to Braeburn Theatre, where I learned about many things, including our heroes and heroines. It was an honor to be a part of it." Victor Mutiso, a Grade 5 student from Bridge Gatina, added, "I learned about all the remarkable individuals who came before me, even before my parents. I was captivated by the acting, the graceful dance, and the harmony of the music. The stories were nothing short of wonderful."

Bridge Kenya is committed to incorporating history, culture, and the arts into its curriculum and activities. By partnering with DCK for this event, Bridge Kenya hopes to foster a culture of appreciation and respect for Kenya's heroes among its students and staff. Bridge Kenya believes that by celebrating Mashujaa Day with 'Shujaa Stories