Family evicted from Westlands house moves to court

Household furnishings belonging to a family evicted from a residence in Westlands, Nairobi on Friday evening.[Collins Kweyu, Standard]

A family that was evicted from a residence in Nairobi on Friday will seek legal redress in court in pursuit of justice.

 The family led by their 83-year-old widowed matriarch living in Westlands was kicked out of the home by people believed to be hired goons.

 Through their lawyers Ashford Muriuki and Sheila Mugo the family said claims a fake court order was used to evict them. Muriuki and Mugo accused police of protecting Siuma auctioneers, which carried out the 'illegal' eviction. "The family of our client who is 83 years old has lived on the two-acre property as theirs and not tenant as the auctioneer alleges," insisted the lawyers.

The family is counting losses in terms of destruction and theft.

"We are shocked that the court order that was presented to our client was a fake one as there is no court known as the 'tribunal of Kenya' at Nairobi city," said Muriuki adding that the eviction was an illegal exercise, which they plan to challenge in court.

In the court order, Mokowe Traders Limited and Taskeen Fathedin alongside Mehnaz Fathedin are the parties enlisted in the matter.

The document was signed by deputy registrar Lydia Mbacho who issued the order  on April 3, 2024

"That the tenants themselves, their agents, servants or employees are hereby ordered to vacant possession of all the suit premises erected on known and described as LR No.209/7784 situated at Muthangari within Nairobi area," states the order.

Muthangari police commander was directed to provide security and ensure that the orders were complied with.

Siuma Auctioneers is associated with Zachary Barasa who is not new to controversy. Last year, the man was involved in a similar eviction in Parklands. The matter is in court after he was arrested over the exercise.