Wajir youths embrace sports for peace.

Wajir Peace Football Club fosters unity among diverse communities, transforming lives beyond the pitch.[Mohamed Saman, Standard]

In the heart of Wajir County, where arid landscapes stretch for miles and the challenges of daily life are palpable.

Amid the trials, a unique initiative has taken root, transforming the way communities interact and coexist.

This is the story of the Wajir Peace Football Club, founded in 2005, a beacon of hope and unity where soccer transcends its role as a sport and becomes a powerful tool for peace.

The club draws young players from across the county, bringing together diverse communities.

Through their shared love of the game, these young athletes are breaking down barriers and promoting peace and unity in their county and community members have noted the positive impact.

"Since my son joined the club, he has become more understanding and respectful towards others. The club has taught him the value of teamwork and peace," said Abdi Farah, a resident.

Similar sentiments are echoed by local leaders who have observed a reduction in community tensions and an increase in collaborative initiatives.

Wajir County CECM for Education and Sports Ahmed Wardere has said that using Football as a means of conflict resolution mechanism is key as it helps youth to fight drugs and radicalization.

At the same time, the club organizes community events, including peace rallies, clean-up campaigns, and educational workshops.

These activities provide platforms for broader community engagement, allowing residents to come together, discuss their differences, and find common ground.

By involving local leaders and influencers, the club ensures that its message of peace resonates throughout Wajir County.