"Mum was inspiring and compassionate," June Moi's daughter says in tribute

June Moi's daughter, Paula Jepkemboi. [Screengrab]

The late June Moi has been eulogised as a loving, compassionate, understanding, and family-oriented woman by her only daughter Paula Suzanne Jepkemboi.

Jepkemboi remembered her mother as inspiring and hospitable while giving a tribute during the memorial service at A.I.C Kabarak Community Chapel grounds on Thursday, April 18.

June died on April 11, 2024, at Nairobi Hospital where she had been rushed for treatment.

She will be interred at their family farm in Bahati, Nakuru, an exercise that will be exclusive for family members only.

Here is the full eulogy;

“My mother was an inspiring soul, always there for all who came to her with their troubles. Her home was open to everyone, and her hospitality made them feel important. All my friends loved my mum almost as much as I did. She became Aunty June to all of them and she never failed to make them laugh or feel at home.

She was the most loving, humble, compassionate, understanding, family-oriented woman and one of the most beautiful souls one could ever meet. She taught me love, patience and endurance. In addition, she taught me how to pray and lead by example. She praised me whenever I did good and pointed out my mistakes with that gentle voice. She encouraged me to work hard in school and on the sports field.

Mum was an incredible sportswoman. Whether it was hockey, swimming, golf, or polo, she knew what she was doing. She always challenged me and pushed me when it came to sports. I can still hear her yelling from the sidelines; “DARLING, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? TACKLE HER!” She always motivated me to do my best and not to be scared. She taught me to be strong and gentle also.

Mama loved listening to Boys to Men or Michael Jackson and I would always surprise her whenever I played their songs in the car. She would always respond with the question: “How do you know this song?” “We would sing and laugh and joke everywhere we went. She also loved her Nollywood films, something I never understood exactly what she liked about them. She enjoyed a good cryptic crossword every morning with a cup of tea and though I tried to help her almost every time, I never seemed to quite get any of the answers right.

Mum was a good chatter, which is where I think I got mine from. Always updating her with the latest gossip on what was going on in school or the media. Even if she didn’t care she still listened. Mum was a great artist. I discovered this while rummaging through her stuff and old notebooks I found from when she was in secondary school. Her love for art was reciprocated through me. She kept all the drawings and doodles I did for her, even if they weren’t the best, she still encouraged me to take it on further and pursue my passion for art. POEM If Roses Grow in Heaven If roses grow in heaven, Lord, please pick a bunch for me.”