Need for global support for the Palestine nation


During the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, Muslims around the world will mark the World Quds Day.

The day will be marked amid one of history’s largest genocide and humanitarian catastrophe in Palestine, particularly Gaza. It reflects violation of international law and rights of oppressed but steadfast Palestinians.

The Israeli occupying regime’s imposition of force and coercion has led to various crimes against the original and authentic inhabitants of Palestine. Today, not only the inculpable Palestinian women and men as well as homeless and innocent children are being killed, but also hospitals, medical and relief centres, mosques and churches are not spared.

The violence violates fundamentals of human rights, manifesting in crimes against humanity, genocide, apartheid and ethnic cleansing. The continued genocide, the mass murder of over 33,000 Palestinians, and prevention of the delivery of humanitarian aid, food, and medicine to Gaza residents, have set the alarm bells ringing for the most unprecedented human catastrophe of the century.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has conducted extensive consultations in international forums to emphasize the necessity of the cessation of hostility and delivery of food and medicine. However, due to the full alignment of the White House and some other western governments with the Israeli regime, such humanitarian efforts have not yielded results.

It is a great regret that despite the passage of about six months from the brutal attacks in Gaza, we are witnessing persistent inaction by the international community. The US is evidently to blame for the continuation of war and obstruction of efforts to cease it. The Islamic Cooperation Organisation was expected to mobilise its various political and economic capacities to play its deterrent role in stopping the war; however, it is not effective.

But we are confident that all freedom-loving and peace-loving people demand preparation of the necessary grounds by the international community, especially the United Nations and Islamic countries, to take practical steps towards lasting peace in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. We hope Muslim states and the global community swiftly send urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza before the end of Ramadan. Additionally, may this holy month foster stronger regional, Muslim, and international unity to effectively support the oppressed Palestinian nation. Let us take deterrent measures to end the brutality inflicted against Palestinians.

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes in solving this chronic historical crisis. The World Quds Day, as the initiative of Imam Khomeini (PBUH), the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, provides a significant opportunity for unified and global solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine.

As long as the main root of the crisis is not given serious attention and responsible action is not taken, lasting peace and security will not be formed. The World Quds Day provides an opportunity for seeking a viable, responsible and real solution. Emphasizing the natural and inherent right of the Palestinian nation to legitimately resist oppression and occupation, the Islamic Republic of Iran has presented a democratic initiative for the Palestinian issue, which has been registered in the UN.

The writer is Foreign Affairs Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran