SportPesa launches Tujiamini, a transformative sports and talent development initiative

SportPesa CEO speaking at the Tujiamini launch.

In a significant move to bolster sports and creative talents across Kenya, SportPesa, a leading brand in Sports betting, has unveiled Tujiamini, an innovative initiative designed to nurture and promote talents from various disciplines, especially sports and the creative economy.

Tujiamini, meaning "Believe in Ourselves," embodies a comprehensive approach to talent development, celebrating and supporting Kenyan sportsmen and women across all levels. This initiative is a testament to SportPesa's dedication to grassroots sports enhancement and the broader talent ecosystem in Kenya.

SportPesa CEO, Hon. Capt. Ronald Karauri, emphasized the online gaming company's commitment to identifying and nurturing talent. "SportPesa has always been at the forefront of supporting grassroots initiatives. Tujiamini is our pledge to the talented individuals in our communities, offering them a platform to shine and excel," stated Karauri.

The initiative plans to distribute over KES 3,000,000 monthly across four categories, benefiting up to 87 participants. Hon. Ababu Namwamba, Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Creative Economy, and Sports, endorsed Tujiamini, highlighting its alignment with the government's Talanta Hela initiative aimed at talent prosperity.

Tujiamini kicked off with awards to various sports teams and individuals, including a notable KES 500,000 to the Shoot for Life Basketball Team and KES 100,000 to the Rogue Rugby Podcast and TV. These awards aim to address immediate needs and support the winners in their journey towards greater achievements.

Unveiling Tujiamini campaign, Ronald Karauri, the CEO of SportPesa, was present alongside Eugene Okello, Sports CS Ababu Namwamba and Sandrah Happiness.

In its essence, Tujiamini is not just an awards program but a movement geared towards empowering communities and fostering a culture of self-belief and determination among Kenyan youths. The initiative covers a wide range of talents and provides a structured platform for showcasing and enhancing these talents.

Participants are invited to submit their nominations through the SportPesa Tujiamini website, with entries judged on a comprehensive criterion that ensures fairness and transparency. This initiative is a significant step towards building a robust talent development pipeline in Kenya, touching lives and making dreams a reality.

SportPesa's longstanding commitment to sports development is evident in its sponsorship of top teams and events, including Gor Mahia, Murang’a Seals, Shujaa, and the SportPesa National 7’s Rugby Circuit. The launch of Tujiamini further cements SportPesa's role as a key player in the sports and talent development arena.

In partnership with DBA Africa, a company with deep roots in sports management and development, Tujiamini is set to create waves across the sports and creative sectors in Kenya and beyond.

We invite the nation to join the Tujiamini campaign, a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and success. Let's unite in support of our talents, for in believing in ourselves, we pave the way to limitless possibilities.

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