Natembeya to Luhya community: Blame your poverty on 'irresponsible' leaders

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has accused a section of leaders from Western Kenya for failing the region and focusing on selfish interests.

Natembeya argued that the community has been in the bondage of poverty and irresponsible leadership for far too long because some leaders ride on opportunism.

He accused some leaders from the community of using their political parties to auction the community's political strength.

"Right now, our Luhya leaders have never sacrificed for anybody, they ride on opportunism and use their political parties to trade the community's voting power," said Natembeya during the launch of Nawiri Fund in Kitale.

He dismissed leaders from the community imposing themselves as kingpins and engaging in politics of worship.

"Our people have suffered because of the mistake of some leaders who purport to be kingpins and engaged in the politics of worship.

These leaders have done nothing to the community for years they have served in the government and elective positions," Natembeya said.

He said the Luhya nation has  remained impoverished due to failure by the leaders to provide direction and champion for the interest of the population.

"Because of poverty, our people have been forced to blindly follow, worship, and clap for leaders who give them handouts. Time has come for us to stand up and liberate our people languishing in poverty," he said.

Natembeya declared himself as a self-made leader and dismissed the politics of worship.

"I am a self-made leader. I have worked hard to where I'm today, and I will not worship or clap for leaders who call themselves kingpins and have done nothing for our community," he vowed.

He said some Luhya leaders hate him for speaking the truth and vowed to continue with his brand of politics for the betterment of the community.

"There are those calling themselves number three in the government, but ask them what they have done for the community. Their interest is to pursue personal gains, and this is why they want us to dance to tune. I will not follow them blindly," he said in apparent reference to Speaker of National Assembly Moses Wetangula.

He faulted Western leaders for the formation of many political parties, which he claimed are used to divide the political strength of the community, and asked them to emulate leaders from the Nyanza region.

"Look at Ford Kenya, ANC and DAP-K, and other political parties formed by Luhya leaders. How many MPs do they have in parliament? he posed.

He fronted for a strong and formidable political vehicle that would ride the community to the State House.

"We will bargain for power when we are united and have one strong political party," he said.

Local MCAs led by Hospital ward Rep Mr. Eric Wafula supported Natembeya and warned Ford Kenya leaders against undermining him.

The MCAs, who included the deputy speaker Obed Mwale, vowed to protect Governor Natembeya from unwarranted attacks from Ford Kenya leaders.

"The Governor will not succumb to pressure to worship the Ford Kenya leadership, and we cautioned Wetangula and his allies against attacking the governor," said Wafula.

Attacks and counterattacks have intensified between Governor Natembeya and the Ford Kenya leadership since Wetangula held a meeting with prominent individuals who are beneficiaries of Kenya Prison land in Kitale.