Over 8.7 mln tons of debris in Libya's Derna require removal: UN

A photo of the flood affected area in Derna, Libya on September 11, 2023. [Xinhua]

United Nations said in a report published on Thursday that over 8.7 million tons of debris from destroyed and damaged buildings require removal in the eastern Libyan city of Derna, which was recently hit by deadly floods along with other areas in the region.

As of September 30, a total of 42,045 people were displaced from areas affected by the floods. Most internally displaced persons (IDPs) are currently located in Libya's northeastern municipalities, said the report from UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The floods caused significant damage to housing and building infrastructure across the affected areas in northeastern Libya, the report revealed, adding that health was the most frequently highlighted need besides shelter.

Several schools in Derna remain occupied by IDPs or have been otherwise re-purposed for emergency response, while school principals are working for a swift resumption of education in the schools, added the report.

According to UNICEF, 98 schools in 14 municipalities remain closed due to damage in the floods and additional funding will be required for their rehabilitation.

Derna, which is located about 1,300 km east of Libya's capital Tripoli, suffered more destruction and casualties than any other city or town in the region, mainly due to the collapse of the city's two dams during the storm.

On September 25, the attorney general started an investigation into the failure to maintain the two dams, despite allocating sufficient funds for the maintenance.