Activists demand fuel subsidies, warn of crisis

Activist have rallied for fuel subsidies as Kenyans struggle with skyrocketing prices. [Edward Kiplimo,Standard]

A group of activists have called on President William Ruto to reintroduce fuel subsidies, warning that the country will face a crisis without them.

The group said that the soaring fuel prices were affecting most Kenyans, especially the youth and the unemployed.

The group's leader, Tom Oyugi, said that Kenyans deserved to enjoy life in their own country, not suffer from the high cost of living caused by expensive fuel

He also criticised some government officials for allegedly mocking Kenyans' struggles from their comfortable offices.

Oyugi urged President Ruto to fire some of his advisors who he claimed were out of touch with the people's needs.

He challenged the assertion by some leaders that food was cheap in the country, saying that many Kenyans could barely afford one meal a day.

"Many Kenyans can't cope with the increase in VAT as their businesses are not doing well," he said.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) increased the fuel price on Thursday.

Super Petrol now retails at Sh211 per litre in most parts of Nairobi, Diesel Sh201 and Kerosene Sh202.

The activists said that it was sad that many Kenyans had to walk to work because they could not afford public transport.

They noted that the government had been raising the cost of living and fuel prices, while the Salaries and Remuneration Commission had not reviewed workers' salaries since 2013.

The group demanded that President Ruto take immediate action to lower the fuel prices and ease the economic hardship of Kenyans.