Attorney General Justin Muturi's tough task to raise sh160 million from Marriages

Attorney General Justin Muturi during the launch of post-Election and Evaluation Report 2022 at Nairobi Safari Park Hotel on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. [Samson Wire. Standard].

Attorney General Justin Muturi must provide legal aid to 60,000 vulnerable Kenyans who cannot afford to hire their own lawyers. Additionally, he is required to raise Sh160 million from issuing marriage certificates in the next year if he hopes to survive in President William Ruto's government.

The details of these requirements are contained in the contract the AG signed with President Ruto this week, which binds him to achieve specific goals within the next year.

According to the contract, Muturi will allocate Sh150 million to set up and refurbish his office and that of the Solicitor General.

He will also be expected to promote national values and principles of good governance in all government offices and ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms are respected at all times.

According to the contract signed between President William Ruto and Attorney General Justin Muturi, the AGs' office and the Department of Justice initially demanded Sh290 million for the refurbishment of the offices.

The plan was demolition, floor finishing, partitioning, wall finishing, door installation, fittings, furnishings, mechanical works, and electrical works to establish fully partitioned, functional, and furnished offices for the AG and Solicitor General.

However, despite the hefty investment in infrastructure, the Attorney General's office is expected to face significant challenges in defending the government against the staggering 1,300 cases that have been filed against it.

Furthermore, the allocation of Sh150 million for the refurbishment of the Kisii Regional Office and Sh50 million for the partitioning of CBK Pension Towers also indicates the government's efforts to improve its working spaces.

On the revenue collection front, the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice aims to collect a substantial amount of Sh160.5 million. This includes revenue from the registration of societies, marriages, and coats of arms, amounting to Sh100 million, as well as the finalisation of trusts and estates of the deceased, which accounts for Sh60.5 million.

In a significant move to promote inclusivity, the 2023/2024 AG budget sets aside a minimum of 30 per cent of the procurement budget, about Sh205 million, for youth, women, and persons with disabilities.

Additionally, two per cent of this reserved budget will be exclusively allocated to people with disabilities.

The budget also emphasises the procurement of locally produced goods and services, with a minimum of 40 per cent of the procurement budget dedicated to such purchases. Quarterly reports will be submitted to the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade, and Enterprise Development to ensure compliance with this directive.

To support the youth and their skill development, the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice plan to provide internship, industrial attachment, and apprenticeship opportunities to at least five per cent of their total in-post staff strength, which stands at 1,156.

In terms of infrastructure development, the AG's office has allocated Sh15.5 million for the installation of two lifts at Sheria House, aimed at enhancing accessibility and efficiency within the building. Moreover, the FY 2023/2024 budget prioritises the adoption of ICT solutions and digital technologies to improve service delivery and efficiency.

The Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice also aims to contribute to environmental sustainability and combat climate change. Muturi will be tasked with increasing forest and tree cover from 12 per cent to 30 per cent by 2032.

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