Political advisor Mutahi Ngunyi defects to President Ruto's camp

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi during an interview at his office in Nairobi on April 9, 2021. [Boniface Okendo,Standard]

Political advisor Mutahi Ngunyi has defected to President William Ruto's camp.

Ngunyi, who was former president Uhuru Kenyatta's ardent supporter and advisor, made the announcement on his Twitter page on Monday, August 7.

"Public notice: I have defected to William Ruto. I mis-judged him using the dynasty lens. But if the facts change, you must change your mind. And only a fool does not change his mind. I started Project #HustlerNation. Now I must complete it. Iko Swali? #RutosMountainPlan," said Ngunyi.

He added; "For the record: I am a gun for hire. And then? What will you do about it? I am a dog of war. A dog for hire. A mercenary for public good. I do not care about credibility. It never fed my children. What I know to be true is this: Class war is loading. And Ruto is the driver."

During his time as Uhuru's supporter, Ngunyi heavily criticised Ruto who was the Deputy President at the time.

Additionally, he projected that Ruto's main challenger in the election Raila Odinga would win.

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale has since reacted to Ngunyi's announcement.

"Mr Mutahi my friend, only Fools dont change their mind but tell us the story of how a hustler defended a dysnasty with his blood. Karibu Hustler nation," said Duale.