Jimi Wanjigi: I do not support Ruto's economic decisions

Businessman Jimi Wanjigi has for the first time shed light on his relationship with President William Ruto since assuming office last year.

Wanjigi who Spoke to The Standard on Wednesday, July 12, said that he has no problem with Ruto as a person, but strongly disagrees with some of his economic decisions. 

“President Ruto has been my friend for a long time but as president, we have not engaged. This is because I have taken a very independent stand in my politics,” said Wanjigi.

“I have been giving him time to settle but that time has come to an end. As a President, he has put forward his first policy document and Kenyans do not like it; we do not like it. That honeymoon is now over and you see when Kenyans do not like something you [as a leader] have a very big problem.”

According to Wanjigi, to solve a problem, one cannot adopt the same method that was the cause of said problem.

“I do not like how they are trying to run the economic affairs of this country. They are continuing a plague that was started by former president Uhuru. They are not any different. I am against what they are doing economically,” he asserted.

For months now, Wanjigi has been vocal on what his stand is on Ruto’s first budget and the Finance Act of 2023 which was approved by Parliament.

On Tuesday, July 4, he showed full support to Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah’s petition against the Finance Act, stating that it does not meet the constitutional threshold.

Additionally, on raising revenue, Wanjigi advises that the government can adopt other ways apart from overtaxing Kenyans and increasing the cost of living.

His remarks come at a time when Kenyans took to the streets to protest the high cost of living and increased taxes among other issues, a move that Wanjigi says he fully supports.

“Maandamano is a right in the Constitution and it has to be adhered to, I support it. We all are feeling the effects of the high cost of living whether personally or as an employer. Everything is going up.”