I was ready to quit politics but others forced my hand: Uhuru

Unfazed, the former President seems ready to relinquish his retirement perks and privileges and engage in active politics.

According to the 2010 Constitution, the former President could lose his privileges as a retired president if he continues to engage in active politics six months after he retired on September 13, 2022.

Uhuru said that he was forced out of retirement and he will pursue the truth and whether it will take one year or 20 years from now the truth will come out.

Destroying property

"It might take one year, two years or 20 years, the truth does not end, those who think they can suppress us, they should know God does not sleep, he will stand with the truth and I will not be cowed," he said.

"Those who think they can call us names, they leave church and start hurling abuses, if you see that we are quiet, don't think we are scared, get that out of your mind," he added.

In an apparent reference to Nominated MP Sabina Chege and Eala MP Kanini Kega among other leaders, the former President said those who had been given positions in Jubilee should relinquish them and pursue their new political journeys and leave the party for members who were keen to grow it.

"When they came to run down the office, I heard and I said I will be there to defend, I was there with the youths to defend the party, there is one called Gaucho, I will buy you lunch for your bravery," said Uhuru.

"Jubilee joined other parties and declared its stand. The stand is still clear and has not changed. There is no way a neck can bypass the head. Impossible. There is no way those given appointment positions by Jubilee party are the ones to tell us how the party will be," he added.

The former president said the fact that Jubilee loves peace does not mean that they are cowards.

"Their duty was to stand for and defend the party. If they can't then they should step aside. We will find someone else to do the job. If you change your mind leave us in peace and give us our positions. Our symbol is a dove meaning peace. We love peace and loving peace does not mean am a coward," he said.

Uhuru asked President William Ruto's government to put their act together so that they can be respected.

"Respect is earned, don't see those who are quiet and think that they are scared, we are honourable and pursuing the truth. Behave like a leader and you shall be respected, behave like thugs and you will be treated like thugs, and don't think you will threaten others," he said.

He asked delegates to revamp Jubilee across the country.

"We here in Nairobi, will help you with all our might to support the party, we will not go with abuses, bitterness or destroying people's property, let us go and market our party," he said.

The former President asked leaders who have a change of heart to leave Jubilee in a peaceful manner.

"Those who are not happy with Jubilee's stance, do us the honours and walk out of the door. Leave Jubilee on its track and stop saying Jubilee is dead. Why are you obsessive over a dead party if that is the case? They can't let Jubilee be because they know very well it is not dead," he said.

Uhuru also hinted at a possible return of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

"We in Jubilee know what we stood for, we still know what we wanted, we are still keen on BBI, we want peace and we want the government to be respected from every corner," he said.

Uhuru for the first time spoke about the invasion of the family's Northlands farm in Kiambu. "Na yale yametokeza tu ni matusi, kuiba mbuzi, kuchoma mashamba yote wakifikiria wanatisha. Haya nawaambia waendelee. Lakini chama si ya Uhuru ina wenyewe. (Despite abuses and stealing goats and setting on fire people's farms, the party has its owners and until they decide I should hand over, I'll remain their party leader)," he said.

Azimio leaders Raila Odinga, Martha Karua and Kalonzo Musyoka, DAP-K leader Eugene Wamalawa and Root party leader George Wajackoyah attended the Jubilee NDC.

Raila accused the Kenya Kwanza government of plotting to take over Jubilee.

"Kenya Kwanza is working on an arrangement similar to that of 1964 that saw Kadu walk across the aisle and join Kanu without its MPs having to seek fresh mandate."

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka said the attempt to take over Jubilee was subversive. "We will not allow aggression against political parties, if they touch Jubilee party then we will pull out of the bipartisan talks, the list they can do let them get out of the party and form their own," he said.

Karua claimed that Ruto was behind a vicious power struggle that has rocked Jubilee. "I want it to be known that it's not rebels within Jubilee who want to destroy the party, it's William Ruto who wants Jubilee," Karua stated.