Cattle rustling, talent hunt rule drama fete

Moi Educational Centre pupils after performing a choral verse Basi directed by Beatrice Migeni at Shimo La Tewa High School on April 25, 2023. [George Orido, Standard]

Kibabii Teachers Training College (TTC) kept the audience on the edge of their seats when they brought to the fore serious allegations implicating top police brass in the ever-unending cattle rustling menace in the country.

The play titled The Report is not only symbolic but direct blame at the door where the problem is and why cancer will metaphor despite huge investment by security forces to tackle it.

The play explores the challenges facing investigators in their effort to unmask the faces behind cattle rustling.

In this paced play produced by Patrick Barasa, Nick (Ephraim Kariuki) is the leading investigator propelled by the mother’s sickness and the father’s death, both consequences of banditry.

He meets numerous hurdles to the point of almost hanging his boots but new revelations continue to whet his appetite to find the truth.

His wife (Rhoda Anyango) is having a clandestine fling with his immediate boss Zadock (Alfred Sudi) and from this dalliance comes the discovery of the secret involvement of the head of the Department of Criminal Investigations, Zadock, in sharing intel with rustlers who make a kill form selling stolen beef from carcasses of slaughtered cattle in the bush.

It is a big relief as the Inspector General of Police (Dominic Muthengi) investigates the inside job and completely eliminates the cartels and burying cattle rustling for good.


In yet another dilemma, St Mary’s School Yala presented a play, Alexis produced by Victor Mkanda. A patient is scheduled for a heart transplant, a life-saving procedure that involves embedding a functioning heart to her from a freshly deceased organ donor. 

After the corrective surgery, Alexis bounces back to normal life as a paediatrician but with bizarre attachment to music.

Migosi Primary School wowed the audience with creative cultural dance Dota that puts the girl child at the centre of human development. The dance was produced by Roselyne Gwada.

Moi Educational Centre presented a colourful Swahili Choral Verse, Basi, directed by Beatrice Migeni and produced by Mathews Echoka. The school had outstanding costumes that made the Choral presentation an awesome piece of creativity.