Nema, Nairobi officials close Oyster Bay club over noise complaints

NEMA ordered the closure of Kilimani's Oyster Bay Restaurant on Thursday, April 2, 2023. [Samson Wire, Standard]

The National Environment Management Authority has ordered the closure of Oyster Bay Limited in Kilimani.

The operation was led by Environment Chief Officer Ibrahim Otieno and Director Environment and Natural Resources John Malawi and Deputy Director Environment Kevin Oloitiptip.

They said the club remains closed until all standards are met.

In a letter dated April 6 addressed to the director and owner of the club, and copied to Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, Regional Coordinator, County Police Commander Anderson Bungei and County Director of Environment, Nema Director General Mamo Boru cited air pollution and other violations.

"There have been numerous complaints about noise pollution from the residents of Kilimani caused by extremely loud music from your facility that interferes with their comfort, health and safety,’’ reads the letter in part.

Nairobi Environmental County Chief Officer Ibrahim Otieno said after the raid, the noise level was found to be beyond the accepted limit.

The eatery did not have a valid noise pollution control certificate.

This move comes a few months after Sakaja announced a crackdown on all noisy nightclubs and restaurants operating in residential areas.

Nema also indicated that the ground inspections undertaken jointly by the Environmental Inspectors from the Authority and the Nairobi City County Government established that the facility did not comply with the Environmental Impact Assessment certification.

"In executing its mandate under the Constitution, the NCCG has undertaken operations at your facility on various occasions following complaints from residents," Mamo said.

He further said enforcement actions have been taken, including issuing of improvement notices, arrests, confiscation of sound-amplifying equipment and prosecution at the city’s court.

"The last joint operation undertaken at your facility by a team of gazetted environment inspectors from Nema in collaboration with NCCG, issued an improvement (notice)," he said.

Nema county director Catherine Thaithi said unless the club adheres to the laid down bylaws, its doors will remain closed.

"We will lift the closure if they comply with the standards. We cannot allow this to continue."