Foreign server used to relay poll results, Raila Odinga claims

In his revelation, the opposition leader explained that his team's investigations revealed that IEBC had four servers; two in the country and two outside the country.

However, he remarked that only one out of the four was used to relay results, allegedly in Venezuela.

"Our investigations helped us discover that there were four servers used to relay last year's election results. One was in Holland (Netherlands), another in Venezuela, and the other two at Anniversary Towers and Industrial area," Raila said.

"The only server used to relay the election results was the one in Venezuela. Jose Carmago was manipulating the results in favour of Ruto,"

Additionally, the former prime minister has also alleged being denied access to the servers, foreign interference with Kenyan elections.

"We will be peaceful until we are provoked," he added.

Two days ago, the ODM leader asked his supporters to reject the Kenya Kwanza regime on grounds that the election results were manipulated.

Raila also demanded a stop to IEBC reconstitution as he called for President William Ruto's resignation for "inability to govern".