President Ruto stops the subdivision of Galana Kulalu land into settlement parcels

No sub division:

No subdivision of Galana-Kulalu: President William Ruto . [Kelly Ayodi, Standard]

President William Ruto has stopped the planned subdivision of Galana Kulalu land into settlement parcels.

Ruto says that the land will instead be used for maize production. "I direct Private Sector and GOK (the National Irrigation Authority) under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to work on the ready 10,000 acres to produce food starting with maize in February," he said.

The National Irrigation Authority will oversee the project. He also announced that the government was in the process of constructing a dam as part of the project beginning in April.

He said that a further 10,000 acres will also be prepared for the production of food in the next six months under the Public-Private partnership.

The dam is expected to be used to irrigate a further 350,000 acres which the government targets to also use for food production.

The project he said should be running in the next six months.

The Galana Kulalu project began in 2014 in what the Jubilee government said was aimed at improving food production in the country. The government used more than 1.2 million acres of land belonging to the Agricultural Development Corporation for the project through irrigation.

In 2021 the government invited the public sector to become partners in the project, saying that the move was aimed at using their efficiency in the agricultural sector.