ODPP: Why we ordered a public inquest in Tob Cohen Murder case

According to the public prosecutor's office, statements recorded by the police indicated that several police officers in civilian clothes visited the compound of the late Tob Cohen.

However, their identities as well as their purpose for visiting have never been disclosed.

The DPP also says he wanted Mr Mugwai, Gigiri sub-county police commander interrogated on his interaction and relationship with Sarah Kamotho but that has not been done to date.

Sarah Wairimu is the widow of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen, who was mysteriously murdered in 2019. She has been on trial for his murder.

The DPP proposed an inquest be filed before a Milimani Law Court.

"This will enable the contradictions that have affected the proceeding of this matter to be heard in detail by all parties. In addition, it will provide an opportunity for parties to present any information that had not been explored substantially before the court," the DPP said in a circular dated November 30.