'Politician's' husband was hit with a blunt object, autopsy reveals

Earlier, a row between Chania's children and Mwangi's family had erupted over who should be given access to the body for the burial.

Jane Wambui, Mwangi's sister, said the two parties later agreed to have representatives who would witness and sign removal of the body from the morgue.

As they prepare to inter his body, the family of Mwangi sustained calls for justice, insisting that the killers must be brought to book and punished for killing and leaving their son to be eaten by wild animals.

A burial permit has been issued to the family, though a burial is yet to be announced.

This happened as Chania, alongside Morris Mbugua, a casual worker, continue to serve their seven days in remand to allow detectives conclude investigations into their alleged involvement in the murder of Mwangi, an engineer who was set to fly back Rwanda where he had been serving as a contractor.

Chania, who had been married to Mwangi for 20 years, is suspected to have planned the murder after she learnt about her husband's alleged love affair with a secretary at a local school.

Police say the politician identified Mwangi at the morgue days after she reported him missing at Mwea and Gachege police posts in Gatundu North, respectively.