Video: I am willing to serve in William Ruto's government George Magoha

Education Cabin Secretary Prof Magoha speaking during the launch of CBC classroom at Nile Girls Secondary School on August 29, 2022. [Esther Jeruto, Standard]

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha says he is ready to serve in the next government if given the chance but it's not like he's dying for the job.

Magoha says he has for over 40 years served learners and he is more than willing and ready to do it again in the ministry of Education under the new regime.

He noted that since he was appointed to the Ministry of Education, he has bonded well with learners, teachers and parents.

‘‘I have a good bond with the children of this country and that's why you see me going round to see to it that their lives are changed. If it doesn’t come, then be it, we have many people falling for the same job,’’ Magoha said.

Speaking at Karen Girls High School, in Nairobi, Magoha noted that the incoming government requires someone who is ready to move out of the boardroom and work for the learners.

‘‘I am not looking for a job and it is not even in my mind. If His Excellency, the president-elect William Ruto in his wisdom thinks it is worth retaining me, we shall have a conversation,’’ Magoha said.

He said that his eyes are set on ensuring that he delivers enough spaces for Junior Secondary as promised before he exits office.

"We want to leave a clean sheet to the next government and if it happens that by the time the new government takes over we remain with one per cent, you will see me around schools to ensure we complete the classrooms,’’ he said.

Magoha further said during his tenure, he has ensured more classrooms have been put up for the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), which he said, has babysat since he took over.

‘‘The CBC did not start with me. I took over and steered it to where it is now. Who can tell me any CS who has constructed such a large number of classes in this country,’’ he said.

Magoha noted that the country is at an advanced stage in its Competency-Based Curriculum preparedness saying 24 counties have already hit the 100 per cent target.

They include the North Eastern, Nyanza region, Central and Eastern regions.

‘‘As we speak, we have registered more than 20,000 classrooms for Junior Secondary and envision that by the end of the week, the ministry will hit the 100 per cent target countrywide,’’ he said.

 He reiterated that the incoming government will have to build an additional 20, 000 classrooms to meet the demand of learners.

The former University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor stated that he has managed to fight cartels in the ministry saving taxpayers a huge sum of money.

‘‘The government set the cost of constructing one classroom at Sh788,000, a huge reduction from Sh1.2 million saving Sh417, 000. Some people have tried telling us to raise the funds for the classroom construction and have stood firm,’’ he said.

He said Nzoia region which comprises Kakamega, Vihiga, Trans Nzoia, and Busia are at 97.5 per cent.

The CS reiterated that Nairobi, Coastal region and parts of Rift Valley regions are at 97 per cent while Kericho and Elgeyo Marakwet, Bomet counties are at 86 per cent.

‘‘Our ministry officials have put their focus on the Counties still lagging behind and by the end of the week, by the Grace of God, we will hit 100 per cent,’’ said Magoha.

He further said the majority of those areas have classrooms at roofing level in the second phase of construction.

‘‘The first batch, which was 6497, was completed in full; about 300 classrooms are not starting from the ground while 90 per cent are at roofing level with few at walling level,’’ he stated.

He promised contractors who have not been paid, that their money is ready and will be paid in due course.

‘‘Contractors who have not been paid should be paid in good time. The government has money and I don’t think there should be any worries,’’ said Magoha.