15-year-old to be arraigned for murder of three siblings

Police officers based in Kikuyu Police Station, Kiambu County are investigating an incident where a 15-year-old girl has confessed to murdering.

Police say the suspect is accused of killing her three siblings and a cousin on diverse dates in the past year.

A tweet by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations alleges that the teenager [name withheld because she is a minor] killed her 15 months, 5 years and 7-year-old siblings between February and July 2021.

"She also confessed to have murdered her cousin who was 20 months old, at Gathiga village, Kabete sub-county, by drowning him in a well in their compound sometimes last month," DCI tweeted.

The detectives say the report was made by the suspect's father on Saturday, August 27 morning.

When questioned, the minor confessed before the Kikuyu sub-county children's officer, says the DCI.

She will be arraigned on Monday.