Gideon Moi vows to address Baringo insecurity

Baringo senator Gideon Moi with county woman representative Gladwell Cheruiyot addressing residents of Salabani after attending a church service at AIC Salabani in Baringo south on July 31, 2022. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Kanu chairman and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has vowed to address insecurity in the region if reelected.

Addressing rallies at Ilchamus, Marigat and Mukutani wards of Baringo South yesterday, Gideon condemned persistent attacks by bandits and pledged to end the menace.

He said no one should be displaced from their homes or land as a result of insecurity. “It is my responsibility as a leader to ensure we stay together. People should live in peace,” he said.

Gideon spoke after attending a service at AIC Salabani, accompanied by Baringo Woman Representative Gladwell Cheruiyot, Jubilee Baringo South MP candidate Dickson ole Keis, Kanu Ilchamus Ward Representative candidate Boniface Lesaris and Kanu Marigat Ward candidate Julia Kandie.

He visited the area a day after he was installed by Lembus Council of Elders as the community’s spokesperson. Gideon said banditry and livestock theft is retrogressive, and urged residents to embrace education in order to prosper.

He advised locals to take their children to school and promised to ensure institutions are equipped.

The Senator appealed to residents of the region to unite for the sake of peace and assured them that he would push for increase in the number of National Police Reservists in the area.

Courtesy of the Senator’s effort, the government in March reinstated police reservists in Baringo South and Baringo North. Eighty police reservists were then commissioned.

Yesterday he promised to push for employment of more youth in the area and to fight for rights of the locals.

Increase police

“I will engage the relevant government ministry and push for increase in the number of police reservists to be deployed in the region. If we unite we will overcome this. I promise you I will do what I can and your issues will be addressed,” he said.

Ms Cheruiyot said women and children were the most affected by insecurity, and recognised the critical role police reservists play in ensuring peace prevails in the area. She, too, appealed for the deployment of more locally.

The Ilchamus community pledged their support for Gideon’s reelection bid.

Through their representatives, they said the senator had been their pillar, and that the region, despite being arid and semi arid, was fertile and all they needed was irrigation farming.

They appealed for empowerment of youth and women’s groups to boost their engagement in agriculture. “As Ilchamus community, we support your senatorial bid 100 per cent,” said Simeon ole Kirgotty.

Kirgotty said the community would vote for Azimio la Umoja One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga and leaders who will address their issues. He said police reservists commissioned four months ago were doing a great job, but regretted that due to insecurity locals had fled Mukutani, Rugus and Noosukuro.

“We need insecurity addressed. We know you can. We need more police reservists. Give us even 100. NPR do a good job,” he said.

Former MCA Wesley Lekakimon said Gideon had been on the forefront in pushing to have issues facing locals addressed.

Lesaris said insecurity needs to be dealt with once and for all to ensure residents live in peace. Ken Lekidogo, a youth representative, said they would rally behind Gideon.