Kenya calls for speedy probe into migrants' killings

Kenya's deputy permanent representative to the UN Mike Kiboino. [Twitter]

Kenya’s permanent mission to the United Nations (UN) has called for thorough investigations into an incident in Morocco where at least 23 migrants died during clashes with the country’s law enforcement.

In a letter addressed to the UN Security Council by the country’s deputy permanent representative Mike Kiboino, Kenya has appealed to the council to call for humane treatment of African migrants.

She further urged the council to act on the need for security for Africans who are fleeing war and insecurity in their countries.

Moroccan authorities said that they will prosecute sixty-five (65) migrants who were part of the mass attempt to cross into the Spanish enclave of Merilla.

It is reported that about 2,000 migrants were part of the attempt, with the Moroccan security personnel responding with violence. About 100 migrants managed to cross over to Spain.

Two years ago, the UN’s Human Rights Council adopted the resolution to protect and uphold the human rights and freedom of Africans against excessive use of force and other human rights violations by law enforcement officers.

“What happened to migrants trying to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla is a blatant violation of this resolution. Rather than being protected, they were assaulted,” Kibonio stated.

This is not the first case of human rights violations reported along the Mediterranean, with thousands of cases of deaths and others being sold into slavery.

“Kenya strongly condemns the mistreatment of all migrants and refugees wherever they may be,” the UN permanent representative said.

Kenya now wants Moroccan authorities to investigate and bring to book all the perpetrators involved.

“We urge the European Union and the African Union to take every effort to ensure that movement to Europe is safe and dignified.”