Iconic Nairobi National Park lion, Sirikoi, dies

Iconic Nairobi National Park Sirikoi. [ Courtesy of KWS]

Nairobi National Park’s iconic lion, named Sirikoi, has died aged eight.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) announced Sirikoi’s death on Twitter on Saturday, June 18.

“Sirikoi, one the most iconic lions of the Nairobi National Park, was born in January 2014 in the Sosian Valley [in Laikipia County]. He came from the MF family, one of the dominant and charismatic pride,” the KWS said.

“He was a majestic lion with tactical and amazing hunting skills that enabled him take down big preys like giraffes and buffaloes solely alone.”

The KWS said the lion enjoyed good health until recently, when it developed complications.

“Notably, he had a distinctive dark mane, which is a strong indicator of a lion’s health, vigour and strength as well as testosterone levels. RIP Sirikoi. May your spirit live on in your offspring and possibly with the two other females carrying your cubs.”

The KWS says Sirikoi will be immortalised.

“Preparations are underway for him to be immortalised at the National Museum of Kenya as an icon of the Nairobi National Park.”