What would you do if you won Sh40m? One Betsafe customer will win big

Three Betsafe Super Jackpot players are set for a big payday on May 21, after qualifying for a draw to win Sh40m. Seven more spots are left the final draw.

Benard Kanyi, Joab Opiri and Joseph Mutinda are the first three of 10 finalists who have a chance to with the biggest guaranteed jackpot bonus on May 21. The three Betsafe customers each got 10 out of 17 correct predictions on the Super Jackpot and were randomly selected for the final draw.

The three finalists are already assured of Sh100,000 on May 21. “You should just have come with the money because it’s mine,” said an elated Mutinda. The Nairobi-based marketer was upbeat and optimistic of being the grand champion.

Benard, a mechanical engineer based in Industrial Area couldn’t hide his joy as the Betsafe team broke the news to him. “Hii nikishinda, lazima hawa watu wangu niwashughulikie. Pesa inarudi hapa kwa garage! (If I win this, I must take care of my people. The money will return to the garage!) Remarked Benard as his colleagues mobbed him in a wave of excitement.

Bondo town came to a standstill when Super Jack, Betsafe’s brand ambassador delivered the good news to Joab Opiri. The hardware store employee has big plans if he wins the Sh40m guaranteed bonus. “Bondo has been good to me, and I’d like to start a hardware business to empower my friends ensure my family is comfortable,” said Opiri.

The Super Jackpot campaign offers players who get 10 or more correct predictions an opportunity to enter a random draw and be one of the 10 finalists on May 21. The draw, which will be televised will see one Super Jackpot player finish the night with Sh40m.

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