Dramas as Elgeyo Marakwet MCA aspirant skips his engagement party

Theophilus Kiprop Kosgei was set to marry the love of his life in an elaborate engagement party. [Christopher Kipsang, Standard]

There was drama in Kapkoi, Keiyo South, Elgeyo Marakwet County after an MCA aspirant failed to show up for his engagement party on Saturday. 

Theophilus Kiprop Kosgei, also known as ‘Chamaabuch’ who is an aspirant Kaptarakwa ward was set to marry the love of his life in an elaborate engagement party in accordance with Keiyo tradition.

The two families were ready to exchange gifts and pour blessings to the young couple through a Keiyo tradition of dowry negotiation, cementing the relationships of the two families.

Tasked to host hundreds of people at their home, the bride family as per the tradition and after series of meetings and planning for the day, tents were erected on Saturday early as six in the morning.

On Friday, family members and neighbours spent their long day preparing the ground.

Women were tasked to peel potatoes, vegetables, and other activities while men were already finalizing the slaughtering of a cow.

Early morning of Saturday, locals of Kapkoi rose to help the family set up for the day, others who were tasked to help the hired chef came on time.

At ten in the morning, all was set at Kapkoi Village, Keiyo South in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

Food was already ready, decorations were set, 400 seater tents were well decorated in yellow and green same as the cake and the bride tents.

By noon, the bride's family were already seated in the house ready to host elders to negotiate dowry.

As the day wore on, it became clear the groom was nowhere to be seen, with everyone on his entourage making frantic calls.

When the ceremony appeared to have failed, guests were then directed to have lunch as elders from the groom's side packed their belongings and return home to Kaptarakwa.

Kaptarakwa Ward MCA aspirant, Theophilus Kiprop. [Christopher Kipsang, Standard]

On his WhatsApp group created months ago to raise funds for the event, members who generously raised Sh19,100 to support the event were demanding their money back.

Irritated with what happened, members raised questions one after the other on WhatsApp.

“We need our money back,” said one group member.

Another member thundered: “You have disappointed me today, and it’s regrettable you had to sacrifice your dearest wife.” 

“Why, brother, did you choose to run away from your important day from your in-laws,” another one questioned.

The messages and unanswered questions continued for the better part of Saturday evening before one of the family members apologized.

Solomon Kandie, the family spokesperson, apologized for their brother’s no show.

“Good evening all. On behalf of Theo’s family, we express our sincere apologies for the no-show from our brother. We regret the inconveniences caused,” Kandie wrote in one WhatsApp group.

He added, “However, we are putting efforts to trace his whereabouts. We pray that he is safe and sound wherever he is. Thanks, God bless.”

On Sunday noon, Kosgei resurfaced, apologizing in one of the WhatsApp groups.

“I am alright fellow friends, thank you for your concern for sure I don't know what happened,” he wrote.

Calls by this writer to his cell number, however, went unanswered.