Tipsy boda man admits damaging fellow rider's bike for refusing to give him free ride home

A city rider recently landed in court after allegedly damaging a colleague’s bike for refusing to take him home for free.

Joseph Nganga admitted to willfully and unlawfully damaging Joseph Karanja’s motorbike worth Sh125,000 at BP stage in Kawangware in Nairobi on December 12, 2021.

But he denied chasing Karanja with a knife.

The court heard that Nganga operated from the same stage as Karanja and that day, he arrived at the stage while tipsy and ordered Karanja to take him home for free.

On hearing the demands, Karanja refused to give Nganga a free ride. An enraged Nganga whipped out a knife and wielded it before chasing Karanja who was running for his dear life.

Karanja was apparently faster than Nganga who gave up on the chase but went back to where the bike was and started cutting the seat, fuel tank and tyres.

Nganga was released on a cash bail of Sh100,000.

The matter will be mentioned on January 12.