Covid-19: Germany aides Italy with emergency plane equipped with ICU and beds

Inside the plane Airbus A310[Courtsey]

Germany has activated its Intensive Care Unit (ICU) plane to help Italy cope with its cases of Covid-19 this is according to PML daily.

Medical experts have described the plane as the world’s best medevac for coronavirus patients.

The said plane is an Airbus A310 MedEvac, which will be used to fly the infected patients from Italy to various hospitals in Germany.

The plane has a capacity of 44 beds of which 16 are for the high intensive care patients, and can accommodate up to 25 medical staff.

The facility also comes with several items including the intensive care ventilator “Evita 4” transport ventilator “Oxylog 3000”, multi-function monitor “Propaq EL106”, two triple syringe pumps “Combimat 2000” and suction pump “Accuvac”

Also inclusive is b16 “Micropaq” patient monitors, 1 “I-Stat” blood gas analyzer, 2 flexible bronchoscopes, “SonoSite” portable ultrasound system, 6 “Barkey” patient warming systems, 12-lead ECG and 2 defibrillators.

On March 16, the UK media Telegraph reported that those in poor health conditions in the country could be denied access to intensive care should pressure on beds increase.

The ICU capacity in Italy has been running short as the highly contagious coronavirus continues to spread fast.

However, as the coronavirus crisis worsens in Italy, patients with non-urgent care needs have since been pushed further back.

The impact of limited access to healthcare over the peak months of the pandemic could be felt for months after it ends.

At least 41 health workers in Italy have died from coronavirus since it got into the country.

The virus has infected more than 5,000 doctors, nurses, technicians, ambulance staff and other health employees.

On Monday, Cuba sent a medical team made up of 52 health professionals, to Italy to help fight the virus

After China sent medical experts and supplies to help the nation fight the virus.

Italy is one of the countries with high recorded deaths 10,779 deaths with 97,689 coronavirus confirmed cases.