Shock in Migori as woman gives birth alone in dispensary

The county government is investigating an incident where a woman gave birth on the floor at a dispensary unattended.

County Health Executive Iscar Oluoch said her officers were investigating the incident that occurred at Suna West Sub-County Hospital in Ragana on Tuesday night.

She, however, said those who took the woman to the sub-county hospital should have rushed her to another facility after failing to find nurses on duty.

No nurses

Linet Otieno from Ragana village was rushed to the sub-county hospital at 3 am but failed to get any nurse on duty.

Millicent Ouma and Emily Atieno who took her to the hospital were forced to attend to her on the ward floor.

“Since the dispensary began operations, we have never seen such an incident. It was only through God’s grace that there were no complications and both mother and child are alive,” said Ms Ouma.

Gershon Okello, the community representative at Ragana Dispensary, said the case will scare off expectant women.

According to the Ministry of Health data, Migori is one of 15 counties that account for over 60 per cent of maternal deaths in Kenya.

The latest estimate shows 673 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Birth complications

African Institute for Development Policy (Afidep), in a statement on their website, states that “birth-related complications are reduced when women give birth in a health facility”.

The organisation said in Migori County, “just over half (53 per cent) of births are delivered in a health facility compared to the national rate of 61 per cent”.

“Assistance by a skilled provider during delivery, obstetric care from a health professional during delivery is critical in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality,” Afidep says.