Five killed as rangers battle bandits in Laikipia

At least five people were killed in a raid on a village in Laikipia North Constituency yesterday.

The victims were two-game rangers, from Nangubar Conservancy and three suspected bandits.

The about ten attackers are said to have raided Ewaso village in Kimenju, where hundreds of cattle were being held, before they started shooting indiscriminately and killing their victims in the process during the 2 am attack.

Laikipia County Commissioner Daniel Nyameti told journalists the rangers were killed after responding to distress calls from residents.

“There was an exchange of fire which took over 30 minutes. The rangers killed three attackers and in the process two of their colleagues were felled by the raiders’ bullets,” said Nyameti.

The administrator said the rest of the attackers disappeared without stealing anything.

“Our officers moved to the area after we were informed of the attack. Unfortunately, the criminals had already escaped by the time our officers arrived. We have not made any arrests, but we are still pursuing the attackers,” said Nyameti.

He said 20 police officers have been deployed to secure the area.

“We have also set up a police post along the Laikipia-Samburu border to ensure there will be no further attacks,” he said.

Meanwhile, pastoral communities in the county have protested against the move by private ranchers to bar them from grazing on their farms.

This, they said, was exposing their livestock to hunger and is likely to lead to losses.

They want the ranchers to relax the tough conditions they have given them before allowing them into their land.

Their spokesman Abdi Guyo said the ranchers are only allowing sheep and goats.

“We have been working well with the ranchers over the years. However, this time round, they have been too strict with us. We are pleading with them to relax the conditions they have given us so we don’t incur losses,” he said.