German couple wants court clerk investigated over theft of assets worth Sh1m

Kenya Network Against Corruption (KNAC) Operation Director Godwin Agutu (centre), couple Roseline Agola (right) and Wolfgang Wedeking address the media. [Faith Karanja, Standard]

A German couple is seeking to have a court clerk investigated for allegedly defrauding them assets worth Sh1 million.

Roseline Agola and her husband Wolfgang Wedeking are accusing Hassan Hamisi, a court clerk in Ukwala Magistrate Court in Siaya County, of stealing their property worth Sh1 million.

They filed a complaint to Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti on December 2, 2019, where they lamented the failure by Ugunja DCIO to investigate the matter.

The couple says they have built a school and a technical college and that their goods worth Sh1 million were stolen from their forty feet container. They have singled out Hassan as the prime suspect.

Agola said that they started a technical school, Montessori Academy, at Sindindi in Siaya County that has about four hundred students to help needy people.

“My husband and I started a technical school where carpentry, tailoring, welding and many other including housekeeping courses are offered,” she added.

She said that Hassan had called her while in Germany and informed her that their property was being stolen and he suspected Agola’s mother to have been involved.

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“They later harassed my mother and the area chief to cover up their actions,” said Agola in the complaint letter.

While in Germany, the woman claimed that Hassan started making changes in their compound without their permission.

“He bought maize and beans and asked his workers to plant them in the compound as he wanted,” she added.

It was after all this that the woman says that the Hassan’s girlfriend called her to inform her that it was her boyfriend who had stolen their belonging.

“I called Hassan to ask him and he said that he was not a thief,” added Agola.

The aggrieved woman says that court officer had been seen by Kristine Macheusi, his girlfriend packing the property in a pickup and another motor vehicle.

“Hassan used his two brothers who were my workers and has influenced the police who are unwilling to recover my property and I humbly request for your intervention before more damage is caused to us, “she added.

When the Standard reached to Hamisi for comment, he denied the allegations and instead said that they had an agreement with Agola.

According to him, the couple had agreed to facilitate his project in Nyeri County.

“I not aware of any complaint against me because there is no police officer who has summoned me over the issue,” said Hassan.

He added that he is waiting to be summoned if indeed there is any complaint.

The alleged theft is said to have occurred last year.

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