National, County Govt in blame game over land registration

Differences have emerged between officials of the county and national governments over the registration of community land in Taita-Taveta County. 

This has led to delays in registration of community lands under the Community Lands Act, which should have begun by now. Yesterday, the county government claimed the national government wants to take control of the processes. 

“The national government officials want to control the registration, yet we are best suited to be drivers of the demarcation,” stated the County Lands Chief Officer (CCO) Reuben Ngeti. 

The CCO urged residents to prepare and bring a list of community lands to his Wundanyi offices for action after it emerged that the county doesn't have a land inventory.

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“We are moving to the ground next week to begin the registration process,” Ngeti told The Standard yesterday. 

But elsewhere, the national government County Community Lands Registrar Sego Manyarkiy said separately that the county is yet to bring an inventory of all community lands to the Ministry of Lands for action. 

“Government is only targeting land that had not been developed and adjudicated areas,” noted the registrar, further clarifying that the process was only targeting community land and not private and public lands.

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Ngeti also said six ranches will be dissolved and converted to community lands. 

“They will automatically be dissolved in accordance with the Act. They include Mbulia, Oza, Mramba Development Trust, Teri B, Ndara B and Kishamba B ranches,” said Ngeti.

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