Paul Nderitu: Is this Kenya’s luckiest man?

Paul Nderitu receives a decoder courtesy of I&M Bank [Courtesy] 
It has been a tough year for many Kenyans. But one Paul Nderitu seems to have found favour among the gods.

He has a lucky hand; won different prizes in different competitions from different companies.

Not many people have ever won a prize in a competition or a promotion in their life but this is not the case for Nderitu.

The lucky chap is said to have won in a record 18 competitions - if tweets on social media that have gone viral are anything to go by.

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A twitter user by the name “Rose Don’t Call Me Angel (@Roseanyiko) on Friday, November 22 revealed Nderitu has been winning different competitions from as early as 2013.

“So there is a guy on Social Media by the Name PAUL NDERITU, Twitter handles @GmieMicha or @PNderitu1, who for years has been Winning ALL SOCIAL MEDIA GIVEAWAYS,” posted Anyiko.

She goes on to share 18 screenshots showing a Paul Nderitu receiving prizes and giveaways from different companies.

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The tweets show Nderitu receiving prizes from companies like Mabati Rolling Mills, Jumia Kenya, Samsung Kenya, Uber Kenya, NCBA, Safaricom, I&M Bank Limited, Killimall, Chase Bank, Jambojet, LG Electronic East Africa, Heineken Kenya, Cytonn Real Estate, Garden City Nairobi and NIVEA.

Is this luck or what?

Nderitu wins a phone via Samsung EA [Courtesy] 
Standard Digital’s efforts to reach out to Nderitu were fruitless as his Twitter handles have since been deactivated.

Rose Anyiko, who revealed the lucky Nderitu could not be messaged on Twitter.

Social media set abuzz

Revelations on Nderitu’s lucky streak sent social media into a frenzy, with netizens wondering how one man can be so lucky.

One Bravin Yuri commented, “We need to find this Paul Nderitu guy. He is a Serial Winner.”

Papa Doc Duvalier said,” Paul Nderitu is a case study of why you never tell any woman your trade secrets....they have found a way to out you out.”

Charlynne Charz said,” Okay, I need Paul Nderitu's luck or connections. Whatever it is.”

How many competitions have you won this year?

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