KWS dismisses viral video of residents hacking an elephant

An elephant carcass. [Photo Courtesy]

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has dismissed a disturbing video of residents hacking a jumbo, terming it an old clip.

Speaking to Standard Digital, KWS spokesperson Ngugi Gecaga said those who are sharing the unfortunate clip are misleading the public.

 “We are aware of the unfortunate video that is circulating on social media. Preliminary investigations indicate that this is a very old clip contrary to what the public is being led to believe. We shall share more once we get full information from our people on the ground,” he said.

The unfortunate video which is alleged to be from Kithoko, Meru County caused a stir online as netizens took to various social media platforms to condemn it.

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In the footage, several men are seen wielding axes and machetes are seen hacking the elephant which was lying helplessly on the ground.

The elephant appeared to be under excruciating pain as the sharp edges of crude weapons cut through its beefy body in turns.  

 As seen in the footage, the elephant visibly could not bear the affliction from the residents as it tried swinging its bleeding legs, seemingly trying to beg its assailants to stop the butchering.

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No one intervened and the hopeless tusker laid fixedly on the ground probably wishing that death would come sooner to save it from the torture.

“I am all yours to butcher and slice into pieces,” the elephant seemingly suggested by lying on its belly allowing some of the residents to hack its trunk.

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Netizens took to Twitter to express their anger over the footage condemning the locals behind animal cruelty.

A similar incident happened last year in the county and the residents who live near a forest claimed that elephants invade their farms and destroy crops.

As a consequence, the elephants pay with their lives.

Wild animals are protected from cruelty in Chapter Five the 2010 Kenyan Constitution under Environment and Natural resources.

Moreover, Parliament passed the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (2012) which prohibits the public from fighting or causing any physical harm to both domestic and wild animals.

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