A touch of royalty with velvet

White and blue living room with sofa, armchair, lamp, posters.
A touch of velvet fabric has made it into the 2019 décor trends.

Add glamour to any room with luxurious velvet cloth on a twin set of wing armchairs or a blanket throw on a living room sofa or expressed in alternating scatter cushions.

A rich red velvet will provide bedding that makes you feel like royalty. Pair it with textured furry pillows and you will soon be struggling to get out of bed that is dressed in coziness and comfort.

Dark velvet curtains offer sleek luxurious drapery lines and block light for a relaxing nights rest.

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Add a decorative trim to the border to break the monotony of the colour.

A velvet tufted headboard on the bed will add to the glamour and make you feel like royalty.

Living room

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In the living room, adding a stunning single red velvet sofa to your collection will add a pop of colour to an otherwise monotonous scheme.

Velvet adds texture and interest to your space and there are modern fabric trends with more palatable textures improved from what our parents used in the 70s.

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Use this fabric sparingly. Too much of it tends to look overdone.

Pair your velvet fabric with patterned pillows and artwork to give your space some character.

Add a velvet sofa for extra sitting space especially for large families or household who host often.

A two-seater sofa by a window is a good reading spot in a cosy corner.  

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