Organisation donates a bus to Light Uriri School, Migori County

Light School pupil standing next to the bus (PHOTO:Courtesy)
Linda Collins, the Founder of Models with a Cause ((MWAC) organisation has donated a bus towards school activities at Light Uriri School in Migori County.

Light Uriri is a non-profit organisation formed in 2009 to feed, cloth, and shelter and educate orphaned, abandoned, street children, abused and exploited girls in addition to empowering women through advocacy and training.

It currently supports over 530 children with 22 boys and 18 girls residing at Light Uriri most of whom are in the school's sponsorship waiting list.

“Over 500 kids have benefited from the services of the bus transport, translating to 30 trips to Drama, athletics, football, singing competitions and educational tours,” says school founder Jackson Bambo adding that the availability of the vehicle has enhanced safety and security of the kids, significantly reducing number of accident and injury incidents associated with motorcycle transport.

He says the time wastage witnessed before has also significantly been reduced and girls can feel secure from sexual assaults and abuse.

The school administration says the bus not only benefits the students but also community religious groups who have been hiring it at a fee, thereby generating income for the school.

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