Effort to vaccinate animals a success

Governor John Lonyangapuo. [File/Standard]
Kenya and Uganda have jointly vaccinated 300,000 cattle in a joint effort targeting Lumpy Skin and Foot and Mouth diseases. 

The exercise which started last week in North Pokot Sub-county, roped in animals along the sub-county's border with districts in Eastern Uganda.

The vaccination was carried out by the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), the National Government, West Pokot County and Uganda Government and cost Sh1.2 million.

Governor John Lonyangapuo (pictured) led the Kenyan delegation into Uganda to vaccinate animals in the districts of Natekol, Abong’oi, Asiokanion, Karita, Lokales, Ng’rina, Kreek and Chepkusinya.

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 “In the past, over 60 per cent of our animals would die due to these diseases but now things have changed. Because of these vaccinations, quality of livestock has improved,” said Prof Lonyangapuo.

Lonyangapuo noted that the two countries will keep the joint effort going, to ensure that the region is free of animal diseases.

“We are happy to work as a team. Diseases have no borders. In 2013 we signed a cross border harmony vaccination MoU that we shall be using,” the governor said.

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 “We want to export more animals from this area to other countries. About 10,000 cows are sold every Friday in local markets where currencies of both countries are accepted."

Lonyangapuo noted that the animals are not only sold locally, but find their way to markets in Nairobi also.

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“We have a market in Dogoreti where over 1,000 animals from this area are sold every week," said Lonyangapuo.

Kacheliba MP Mark Lomunokol said animals from various communities have been grazing together and herders have been interacting with each other which drives peace in the region.

Mr Lomunokol asked the National Government to keep investing in the vaccination drive. "The Government should also help pastoralists and not focus on farmers only,” he said.

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