Lawyers urged to guide on law review

Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) President Brian Speers (left) hands over his book to Law Society of Kenya President Allen Gichuhi during the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Annual Conference at Pride Inn Shanzu, Mombasa County [Photo/Kelvin Karani].

Commonwealth Lawyers Association President Brian Speers has told advocates to be on the look-out against laws that promote oppression.

He said lawyers should help Kenyans realise a Constitution that will ensure a participatory and all-inclusive system of governance.

“Through our work as lawyers, we can positively change the lives of our fellow citizens and ourselves by ensuring we stand on the side of fairness, transparency freedom and justice. We must stand against tyranny, arbitrary power and corruption,” said Mr Speers (pictured).

He spoke yesterday during the Law Society of Kenya's Annual General Meeting at Pride Inn, Mombasa.

Speers told Kenyans to differentiate between majoritarianism and constitutionalism to avoid discriminatory laws against the minority.

He said any constitutional review must acknowledge the diversity of the society.

He advised Kenyans to have a Constitution which protects and uphold the rights of individuals and ensures free and fair elections.

Constitutional reform

“ ...the experience of the UK following the referendum on membership of European Union 2016 illustrates the importance of clarity in the process of constitutional change,” said Speers.

Law Society of Kenya President Allen Gichuhi said LSK has initiated dialogue to gather views which will help in the constitutional reform.

"Although we presented our views to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), we now want every member to come up with his or her views which we will tell Kenyans very soon," he said.

“We want a Constitution which must be inclusive and that is why we are going to form a team to collect views from the members on what they want to be included and removed from the 2010 Constitution.”

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho told lawyers to be in the forefront in the constitutional reform process.

"MPs are very comfortable and do not see any reason for (constitutional) change," he said.