Let the elderly retire so the youth can focus on building the nation

Last weekend was interesting for those who like to pay attention to what Kenyan youths (my high school teacher must be cringing at this word which has now become part of Kenyan lingua). Let us start with the now famous chant line Wamlambez, Wamnyonyez line which had some puritanists expressing total displeasure. Most complainers had no clue what the words meant, they were just upset at the sound of these two words and at the manner in which they have taken over the youths (once again that annoying word). For those who might not know, these words I am told have something to do with what members of the male and female genders are expected do with certain body parts in pursuit of carnal pleasure.

From where I sit, there really is nothing that new or bad about these words because we all know all living creatures within a certain age think of coitus and coitus only. Most ma-youths be they those born in the cat family, the donkey family or the Homo Sapiens family, like to think and have sex most of the time.

When they are thinking or having sex, they like to broadcast their intentions through words of poetry, music and in some cases sexting.

We can remember a time when Marvin Gaye was a ma-youths talking about sexual healing or Bel Biv Devoe talking about  ‘Do me” or Salt N Pepa talking about sex.

In my view, these older folks who have suddenly become paragons of virtue just because they cannot do all-nighters in the club are being naïve and hypocritical in condemning our seemingly sex obsessed Wamlambez- Wamyonyez generation.

Sing and chat

Let the youths sing, chat and have as much sex as they think they can because God knows they will soon figure out that youthfulness does not last forever and that while youthful sex is fun it can be unforgiving when it is unsafe because as we know STIs and unwanted pregnancies do not respect age and youth.

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My personal gripe about this Wamlambez wave is that just like all other youthful Kenyan waves, it will most probably last at most six months because at the end of the day it just an average composition; it is will not find its way into the annals of history as an iconic work of art.

It is a bit disheartening that despite our prolific ability to produce crowd thumping chants and memes, we are unable to export them into global stage.

It breaks my heart that this Wamlambez chant did not find its way to Lion King - in fact no Kenyan sound was found worthy to be incorporated into this blockbuster. So perhaps, our ma-youths should now improve or repackage their groin-inspired anthems into sounds that can go to the international stage - somehow, I think hearing Mufasa shout Wamlambez would have had a good ring to it.

Now that we have the Wamlambez discussion out of the way, we can now talk about mum aka Pastor Kathy Kiuna who celebrated her birthday this weekend.

Yawning gap

What seemed to gall most people was the sight of many young men - once again the ma-youths gleefully being supplicant in celebrating her as they called her ‘mum.’

What was a bit disturbing for me was the very obvious yawning economic gap between ‘mum’ and her dutiful children especially bearing in mind that their tithes and offertory might be the reason she has so much swag.

That aside, this goes to show that Pastor Kiuna sees Kenyan youths as a ripe and gullible market to tap into to lead to divine favour in the afterlife as she generates excessive material favour for herself and her family in this current life. Unlike other pastors, she knows that Kenyan youths are a despondent lot, with many of them feeling a sense of hopelessness. The young men cannot get jobs because geriatrics are still hanging onto jobs as they tell them’ the youth are the future”. These same young men have no opportunity to practise their Wamnyonyezskills since most of their female age-mates are enjoying the generosity of sponsors.

So, do not blame Pastor Kiuna for cloaking her entrepreneurial pastoral skills in hallowed word of “mum”.

As for those men who choose to call Pastor Kathy Mum, they should reconsider - there is something so unsexy and wimp like about calling anyone but your mother, mum.

I am willing to bet that even Mother Mary would have whopped Jesus’ behind if he dared call anyone but her mum.

So, let us quit whining about these youths of these days - they are just doing what they know best being carefree, thinking and talking about sex and hoping that we geriatrics can get out of the way so that they can run them.

As for those near geriatrics and full-blown geriatrics who are thinking the youths are their ticket to power come 2022, they need to think again - they do not get these youths at all. Youth can never be understood, it can just be experienced though in some cases it can be often be exploited.

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