ODM says Punguza Mzigo Bill will not sail in Busia County Assembly

Third Way Alliance Punguza Mzigo initiative will not sail through the Busia County assembly if tabled, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) chairman in Busia Patrick Obongoya has claimed.

According to Obongoya who is also a nominated Member of County Assembly, the bill would have been supported by the members of county assembly if President Uhuru Kenyatta and former premier Raila Odinga were involved in the whole process.

He said Ekuru Aukot is after seeking popularity for his Third Way Alliance. “No Bill will pass through the assembly without the blessings of President Uhuru and ODM Leader Raila Odinga,” said Obongoya.

He urged Aukot to team up with Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and share with them what he wants changed in the constitution otherwise, Punguza Mzigo will not be supported by the expected 24 county assemblies.

“Soon the BBI team will be submitting their report to the President and former Premier Raila Odinga and chances of recommending for referendum are very high. We would rather wait for their report,” said Obongoya.

Leader of Majority in Busia County Assembly Laban Mukhwana said some amendments needed to be done in the bill before it is tabled in assemblies.

Separately, the National Youth Council chairman in Busia Benjamin Sireka appealed to members of county assembly to back the Third Way Alliance initiative to change the constitution when the bill will be tabled in assemblies.

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At a news conference on Monday, Mr Sireka said Aukot means well for the country and thus his idea should be supported.

“We do not expect our MCAs to oppose the bill because it is favouring them, they are going to get a lot of money for development,” said Sireka.

Another youth leader said MCAs in Busia will face wrath of the public if they shoot down the bill.

“We have seen many times MCAs fight with governors about development, this is the right opportunity to adopt the Bill and have big a say in matters development,” said Martin Mukanda.

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