Mum, daughter beaten up for resisting rape in India

In June 2018, Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that India is the world’s most dangerous country for women.

It linked the finding to the high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labour as reported in a poll of global experts.

Todate, women in India still have to deal with rape and other sexual crimes.

On Friday, a woman and her daughter were tonsured for resisting rape.

To tonsure is to shave some or all of your hair for religious devotion or humility.

But for the two women, the shaving was part of a plot to humiliate them.

A gang ambushed the woman and her daughter to rape them, police said.

According to the BBC, when they resisted, they were assaulted, their hair shaved and paraded through the village.

The mother said, "We were beaten with sticks very badly. I have injuries all over my body and my daughter also has some injuries."

Two people have been arrested, but five are still at large.

Apparently, one of the assailants is a government official.

Geeta Pandey from Delhi criticised the lack of fear for the law.

"The audacity of the crime shows how in parts of India there's no fear of law," Pandey said.

The state's women commission condemned the incident and promised action will be taken.

But the TRF report stated that experts note that India moving to the top of the poll showed not enough was being done to tackle the danger women faced.

In 2012, a student was raped and murdered on a bus in Delhi, making violence against women a national priority.

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