Man nabbed for ‘hiring’ goons to kill pregnant girlfriend

A man has been arrested following the killing on Sunday of a pregnant woman in Mukaa, Makueni County.

The family of Emily Kimuli, who was struck with a hammer, is demanding justice for their daughter, claiming that the motive for her murder was an attempt to get rid of the baby she was carrying.

Emily is said to have identified one of her killers on her deathbed, which prompted the arrest. She died at the Machakos Level Five Hospital as doctors tried to remove the baby that had died in her womb. She also suffered severe internal bleeding and broken bones.

On the fateful night, Emily had told her elder sister Josephine Kimuli that she was alone at home when her attackers stormed in. She said they were armed with weapons, including a hammer, which they used to strike her in the stomach.

“I received a call from my father, who informed me that my sister had called saying she had been attacked. I went straight to her house, and found her groaning in pain. Even though she was seriously hurt, she spoke in low tones and informed me that she was brutally attacked by men who used blunt objects to kill her unborn baby,” Josephine said.

Josephine said her sister had confided that when she realised she was pregnant with her first child, she told the unborn baby’s father.

Her lover, the sister added, was allegedly not pleased with the news and pushed Emily to procure an abortion. When she refused to get rid of the baby, her lover threatened her with dire consequences.

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"My sister was in a relationship with a suspect who is well known and he should be arrested," said Josephine, adding that the threats had been reported at the Salama police patrol base.

Family members told The Standard at one time the two were living as husband and wife although they had not made their union official.

The suspect is expected to be arraigned at the Kilungu law court

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