Robbers attack businessmen as new wave of crime hits the city

Two robbers raided a home in Spring Valley, Nairobi, stole valuables and forced their victim to drop them in his car at Pangani during the weekend.

The two had forced their way into the home owned by a city businessman on Saturday night, as his gate was being opened.

They then forced the guard and those inside the house to lie down before they began the robbery.

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They made away with  jewellery, Sh20,000, two laptops, two ipads and three mobile phones.

Nairobi police boss Philip Ndolo said no one was hurt during the incident. He said that his team was investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, police have intensified a search for two guns stolen from Maurizio Corti, the owner of Osteria Del Chianti Restaurant that is along Lenana Road. 

The search has now gone beyond the capital city. The thieves stole the two Ceska pistols with 30 bullets. 

Mr Corti told police that the thieves put the lights off at the restaurant, before they grabbed the guns which were in a bag next to his seat. The incident happened on Saturday night.

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“One of them placed a weapon on my cheek and threatened to kill be ,” said Corti. Corti is a licensed gun holder.

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