EACC arrests two officers over Sh29,000 bribe to release cattle

Investigators from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) have detained two police officers for allegedly receiving a Sh29,000 bribe.

Inspector William Ngetich and John Wafuo reportedly demanded the bribe from a farmer to release cattle they claimed trespassed into their Administration Police post at Chaviringa in Hamisi.

On Friday, the officers spent the better part of the afternoon at the Western Region EACC offices.

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They recorded statements as the officers explored releasing them on a police bond.

Western Region EACC director Ignatius Wekesa said the officers initially demanded Sh100,000 from the farmer.

“We received a complaint from the owner of the cows and laid a trap for the two officers,” said Wekesa.

He added that after several phone calls between the suspects and the owner of the cows, the officers agreed to lower their demands from Sh100,000 to Sh29,000.

Hesborn Atonye told Saturday Standard the cows did not stray into the AP camp and that it is the officers who drove them there.

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“My cousins were herding the cows very far from the AP camp and I was surprised when I was told they were holding my cattle,” said Atonye.

He added that the officers also claimed the cows were stolen.

EACC sleuths gave Atonye treated money to give the suspects as bribe before pouncing on them moments later at the AP camp.

“We may release them on a police bond or take them to a police station as we wait for directions form the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions,” said Wekesa.

The arrest comes barely a few days after the sleuths arrested a chief for receiving a Sh7,700 bribe.

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The chief from Kisumu West was said to have demanded the bribe to sign a document that a family had presented in a succession matter.

According to the complainant, the administrator demanded Sh2,200 to complete the form for the victim and an additional Sh5,500 to write a letter of confirmation.

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