Hangman's diary listing Nazis, serial killers and spies he executed set to sell for Sh3.2m

The hangman Albert Pierrepoint.
The logbook used by hangman Albert Pierrepoint to list the Nazis, serial killers and spies he executed is set to fetch £25,000 (Sh3.2 million) at an auction.

Pierrepoint recorded the heights, weights and the drop necessary to kill each of the 600 people he executed.

He hanged up to 10 people a day, often taking 12 seconds from walking into the cell to point of execution.

He hanged traitor Lord Haw-Haw William Joyce, the Beast of Belsen Josef Kramer and Acid Bath Murderer John Haigh.

Hangman's diary.
The log will be sold at Boldon Auction Galleries in South Tyneside in North East England on June 5.

Giles Hodges, of Boldon’s, said: “It’s like a who’s who of murderers.”

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