Faya Tess, Nyboma to sing at Labour Day

Congolese musicians Nyboma Mwand'ondo and Faya Tess. They will be performing at the Labour Day celebrations. [George Orido]

Lingala musicians Nyboma Mwandido and Faya Tess are expected perform in this years’ Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park today.

Yesterday, the two Congolese musicians were busy putting last touches during rehearsals at Alliance Francaise, Nairobi.

Mwandido, famous for his song, Double Double will be performing in the event for the second time in a row after headlining the entertainment menu in last year’s Labour Day.

“I love Kenya and Kenya today is my second home,” said Nyboma who lives in Paris, France.

He said he wrote Double Double after observing a beautiful woman with the unbecoming behavior of cheating on her boyfriend.

“The song was inspired after I saw a woman playing my friends and I didn’t like it.  So I decided to sing a song as way to condemn the behaviour,” he said during the rehearsals yesterday.

Money love

His other famous song is Moyibi, sang with the late Pepe Kale Kabaselleh Yampanya, which speaks of a woman whose interest in a relationship was money and not love.

“I experienced this personally and wrote the song and invited Pepe Kale to sing with me,” he said.

Faya Tess, who sang Camarade o, will be performing in the country for the second time after 34 years when she came to perform with Tabu Ley Rocherou.

“I love Kenyan fans and I have many good memories of how they turned up in large numbers to enjoy our music,” said Faya who has promised authentic music in today’s performance.

In another song Nadina, Tess sings about prayer, advising families to give thanks and praise to God.

Also performing will be Wuta Mayi who is also popularising his new album La Face Cachee (The Truth). The band will backed up by, among others, local musician Bandasson Igwe.